For versions prior to VMware ESX 4.0 Update-2, the task of consolidating all snapshots (Remove All Snapshots task) caused unique changes stored only in the second snapshot delta disk to be copied upward through the snapshot chain and into the first snapshot, or its "parent".This effect is recursive for each preceding parent file.Example: You have a base disk of size 8 GB and 2 levels of snapshots, each of 4 GB each.

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it's the line "If you start with the newest snapshot, the one furthest from the base, you roll the deleted snapshot changes into the previous snapshot, and it will get larger as you move toward the base" that confuses me, perhaps you could add some detail or references to this please as it strikes me as odd. but that doesn't mean it's a smart way of doing things, ever heard of a clone or a backup - they're for keeping longer-term point in time copies of VMs, snapshots are just abused by the untrained as they think they're 'free' - they're not.

Either way it's your mess and there's no real way out of it other than to just live with the time it's going to take to delete them all manually from newest to oldest. maintenance of servers isn't even my profession, I only know I have to deal with it now. Is there a logic behind your suggestion of from newest to oldest or that is just a guess?

I would really appreciate explanation before I [email protected] - this site is for trained professionals, not meddlers or those trying their best, it's in the first paragraph of our FAQ.

The reason you unpick them chronologically is because that's how they're created, via change block tables.massively increases the chances of rollback corruption, slows things down and it doesn't handle rollbacks very well - one of the first things you learn on any v S course if use snaps rarely and briefly.

Any common changes stored in both snapshot levels do not require additional space.

From ESX4.0 Update 2 onwards, the snapshot mechanism has changed.

VMware ESX now incorporates improved consolidation procedures which lessen the demand of free space.

We have a tree of about 15 snapshots of a virtual machine that runs Win2k8, as you may guessed our datastore is soon to run out of space.

My objective is to delete all the snapshots, as it seems it was a huge mistake to use snapshots for backup purposes.