It's the delivery you've been waiting for, finally.Too bad you're currently in a hotel -- in a different time zone. With built-in motion detection up to 30 feet, night vision, instant mobile alerts, and automatic video recording to the cloud, you've got awareness and evidence of activity near your front door, whether someone rings or not.

Battery operated and Wi Fi enabled, it lets you view live HD video, hear audio, and communicate using your compatible smartphone or tablet -- from anywhere.

It features motion sensors that detect movement up to 30 feet, sends you automatic alerts, and stores recorded footage to the cloud.

You're comfortably in bed enjoying a movie when someone rings your doorbell.

Your smartphone not only lets you know, but lets you see streaming HD video live from your Ring Video Doorbell.

It does not capture cars and people walking the sidewalk. It is not a live cam but I believe the developers at can add this functionality as long as you have a hard wired connection as to the battery alone operation. They are currently rolling out that feature in blocks and the lack of that feature was the number one complaint.

The rate is reasonable but for a single device then it is no longer reasonable. I attached the mounting plate to my doorframe with "tough as nails" brand double sided sticky tape and it worked great.

A flat rate per household is reasonable and hopefully will snap out of it and implement a flat fee per household. The installation on the brick wall was very easy, they give you everything you need but the drill. This thing is awesome, I love it and it works very well. After pairing this with your router you mount it outside preferably using your existing doorbell wires so you will never have to charge it. Now you have a motion detector that will send a live video to your cellphone when it detects motion or if someone presses the doorbell button. For safety, convenience and peace of mind this pricy doorbell is worth it!

I am not sure why ring made the camera so it feels like you are looking through a periscope.

There are plenty of small cameras on the market that offer a clear, widescreen, HD field of vision. When installing on a brick wall, I caution you to ensure the mount is flat.

Any slight bump will cause for a difficult installation. Occasionally I'll get a motion notification when there is nothing there, but that's a minor inconvenience that I can deal with. Picture is clear, audio is clear when answering the doorbell with my i Phone 6s-plus. Soon they will also have a live anytime feature which will let you turn on the camera at will.

I am not sure if I would recommend this product however. Motion needs tweaking as it captures larger trucks like the UPS truck when it drives by the house. They will email their current customers when this feature is enabled.