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In the order, all GPS-enabled devices were also banned."[I]n order to shut one of the doors of penetration the enemy uses to attain its goals and strike with exactness by means of its war and remote-guided aircraft, it has been decided to forbid the use of any electronic device or a system that has access to service to enable precise location of positions," the ISIS statement declared.

In November, ISIS cut the cell phone networks in Mosul.

The next month, ISIS cut all the phone lines in Mosul and put the city on lockdown, banning citizens from leaving the city.

An unnamed source informed Iraqi last Thursday that ISIS militants in Iraq's second-largest city have cut off the hands of three women, although the charges against the women remain unannounced."[T]he ISIS militants cut three women's hands off for unknown charges," the man claimed.

"They also whipped five people for using cell phones to contact their relatives while standing on the celebration stage in the Cultural Compound in central Mosul."The ISIS militants also issued a warning to citizens informing them that cell phone use is against ISIS' law."ISIS told the people of Mosul that it would whip anyone 30 times if they were caught using cell phones," the source added.

According to the International Business Times, later reports have suggested that the women's hands were amputated as punishment for using mobile phones.

However, hand amputation is a common Islamic punishment for stealing.

A resident told The Daily Mail that ISIS cut the phone lines out of fear that residents were phoning in the militants' locations to government forces.

ISIS has also instituted strict punishments for smoking and drinking alcohol.

One resident in Raqqa told Al Monitor that an ISIS militant broke his fingers by bending them back and forth using a pair of pliers because he was caught smoking.

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