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Hit us up and tell us about yourself.payments industry, announced today that it has signed a deal with Kurtis Blow, a legend in Hip Hop since the 80s.

Unified Signal will be launching Kurtis' MVNO called Hip Hop Global Mobile which will be marketed along with a fully functional Hip Hop Global Wallet.

Hip Hop Global Mobile wireless and mobile wallet services will be marketed to Kurtis Blow fans and Hip Hop lovers all over the world and will bundle together wireless, music streaming, and mobile wallet services.

Kurtis Blow Walker, CEO of Hip Hop Global Mobile, LLC, stated, "My passion for Hip Hop over the last 45 years has led us to this exciting new venture. Unlimited data, unlimited texting, unlimited calling, globally, for under 50 bucks, is an incredible deal for everyone.

Paris Holt is one of the leading minds in telecommunications technology.

The Unified Signal team has the system and experience we need to launch and grow Hip Hop Global Mobile, as well as revolutionize the bill pay system with the Mobile Wallet.

Our team is extremely excited about this partnership and we look forward to our official launch sometime in the fall of 2016. "Unified Signal is a leading MVNO and mobile wallet enabler in the US. wireless subscribers and use the wireless carrier's network to offer private label wireless services to its end customers.

Its billing platform has been under development for the last 18 years and has been integrated into each of the 4 major wireless carriers. Unified Signal provides MVNOs with everything they need to launch their own wireless brand in less than 4 weeks.