professor, Ph D The Nordic Laboratory for Luminescence Dating, physically located at Risø National Laboratory, is a joint Nordic research, development and analysis facility.

More information on luminescence dating can be found here.

A list of some of the luminescence dating projects of the MPI-EVA can be found here The luminescence dating laboratory at MPI-EVA focusses on providing chronometric ages for Palaeolithic sites and their environmental contexts.

This complements the information regarding human behavior and evolution which can be obtained from human and faunal remains, typological/technological analyses of artefacts, stratigraphy and site formation processes.

We also have a Hönle UVACUBE400 solar simulator for bleaching experiments.

An additional laboratory is shared with the stable isotope group and contains a dual-light system and HF-rated fume cupboard for safe etching of sediment samples for OSL.

The luminescence reader room contains three Risø luminescence readers, two of which include single grain attachments for the measurement of individual sand grains.

In 2014 we purchased a Lexsyg device equipped with an EMCCD camera, an RF system and different sources of light stimulation.

The Luminescence Dating Laboratory undertakes optically stimulated luminescence (OSL/IRSL) on sediment samples.

Our laboratory consists of four connected rooms with dimmed red (Encap Sulite R10 and R20) lighting.