She flaunts it without fear of judgment; a basic requirement to make this list.Even though most of the gestures are totally pointless, like the picture where she showed us that she uses padded panties and that her behind was overrated.That’s another requirement everybody on this list met; pointless gestures!

It is said that married women dread her for the fear of her possible influence on their husbands.

All she has done in ‘Nollywood’ and the entertainment industry is hinged on one talent; her boobs, and her ability to use it skilfully.

Thanks to whoever got her to feature in Obesere's ‘Apple Juice’.

Hate it if you like, this platform has made some people worth talking about.

Today, Karen is so famous that we all know the colour of the tattoo on her right breast…thanks to BBA!

Cossy Ojiakor Video vixen, actress and musician would have been a good bio, but sincerely, all I see are boobs!

Though she has not been very busy in the media of recent, I can say she pioneered nudity in mainstream showbiz (in this part of the world).

There are female Nigerian celebrities, there are also female Nigerians who became celebrities by flaunting body parts, there are also those who do both. With half (or more) of their breasts and bums always on display, and their collection of underwear known to the whole world; their zeal to show off their privates is so obvious.

A check on their many photos on Instagram and Twitter would convince you.

Ironically, some of them are mothers already…lips sealed!

Emma Nyra Obi From her music videos to her stage performances and her Twitter and Instagram photos, you cannot fail to notice EMMA NYRA’s wish to show you her body.