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"You see, Krissy," Amanda instructed, "once a slavegirl of mine ALWAYS a slavegirl of mine!

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There, in small letters on Beth's round rump were the words, "Property of Amanda Morton" next to a red pair of lips. " her mistress said, motioning her over to a nearby table. Lie across the table, my pretty slavegirl, with your lovely bottom perched up so that Mrs.

"How long would it take you to put that exact same tattoo on Krissy's lovely bottom, Rhonda? Hazelett here can get to work." The pretty blonde looked from her mistress to Beth Jennings and then to Rhonda Hazelett. As others have noted a permanent mark is not a proper part of the game.

"Yes, mistress," she responded, climbing onto the table. " "That's perfect." ***** Later that evening, after Rhonda Hazelett had completed her job, collected her pay, and departed the premises, Amanda Morton reclined on her bed upstairs with her two now-totally-nude college slavegirls.

Krissy lay on her stomach because the brand new tattoo on her pretty ass still hurt a little bit.

"Oh my God," Krissy thought to herself, "Beth just called her 'mistress! " Beth reddened with embarassment as she pulled off her clothes, starting with her bluejeans and followed by her t-shirt.

Within seconds she was down to her bra and panties. "I want Krissy to see your tattoo." The other girl complied at once, walking over to where the older woman sat.