A Love Triangle commonly involves three people, love, and decisions.

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If knowledge is power, then acquiring business knowledge should be a fast, efficient, enjoyable and reliable process. Ask anyone with first-hand corporate budgeting experience, for instance, and they’ll tell you just how cumbersome and painful that process can be.

Even well-run organizations often take months to amass accurate, timely financial data for planning and forecasting purposes.

(And by then, much of the data’s intrinsic value has been lost.) To work smarter, many large companies have begun investing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in powerful software applications designed to standardize and accelerate their budget planning process.

But where does that leave smaller firms, like yours?

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Too many companies, financial and operational analysts spend most of their time collecting, arranging, verifying, reporting, rearranging, reverifying and reporting the data supplied to them.

What they don’t have time for is actually analyzing the data to extract the information and knowledge from the data.

At Entellitrix, we’re developing affordable ways to help you quicken the pace of your own corporate planning and decision making.

We wanted to make our business solutions affordable and easy to implement. Instead of developing full-blown applications from scratch, we thought, ‘Why not create powerful front-end components that work with the software platforms you already own — and your employees know?

Our growing family of products is designed to work seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite of applications. And we use a standardized, forms-driven Excel-based interface for data gathering and storage.