We've known each other for years, having briefly played in an Oxford-based band together for a bit, we reconnected over our involvement with Gaz Coombes. I sang BV's for Gaz's Matatour at the end of last year.

Recently I chaired the first University Women in the Arts event as part of London Writers' Week.

University Women in the Arts is a one off scheme designed to provide mentoring for female students studying arts subjects at Universities across the UK from 15 of the women who are leading the way in the arts in the UK.

For all the indie music lovers out there, you'll know that Loz Colbert is of course the drummer from seminal 90's shoegaze band, Ride.

Kim's lasting appeal also might have something to do with her hyper-awareness of celebrity culture, and of her own place within it.

This is the woman whose backside "broke the internet" -- and naturally, said buttocks are now available as a Kimoji.

Here is someone who understands social media better than most marketers Acting really had been my way out, my way back from my darkest hour, my getting back on the horse, my resolution of conflict.Being in hospital for a long period of time makes you withdrawn.Swift reminds me of a Queen Bee in secondary school.The head of the cool group that holds the power to approve or deny entry to the posse.Say what you want about Kim and Kanye but they are brutally open and honest, often to the point where it's shocking and socially frowned upon...I rate that raw (and sometimes embarrassing and socially awkward) honesty more than people being fake or lying. Moana is a story of self-discovery following a kickass 16-year-old who goes on an adventure to find a banished god, instead of Prince Charming. It couldn't be more different from the children's films my generation grew up with.