He is probably married and cheating on his wife, or he’s 100 years old and trying to date women in their twenties.Any way you want to interpret it this person is being dishonest.

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Anybody can be on there—creeps, perverts, criminals, and people who totally misrepresent themselves.

A woman has to come to the field with aggressive filters because if she doesn’t she may easily end up on a bad date, or at worst get raped or kidnapped.

Because of these risks many women eschew online dating all together, and those who do it cannot be too careful.

This means that everyone is a creep unless proven otherwise, and anything in your profile that seems vaguely fishy will rule you out right away.

Selfies taken in the bedroom at night, in a bathroom, or in a dim bar all go into this category.

The results are often blurry, hard to make out, and literally and figuratively shady. At worst it conveys that you are a creep who deliberately does not want to be seen in the light.Face obstructed by sunglasses, hats, or other objects: Anything that obstructs the face puts a barrier between you and your potential match when the medium of online dating is already a barrier.Your photo therefore has to instantly convey your trustworthiness and approachability.The photo is the first thing that a potential match sees of you, even before they’ve opened your message or clicked on your profile.If the photo is blurry, unpleasant, or worse—nonexistent—your potential match is going to think the worst of you.Here are common mistakes to avoid: No picture: This person definitely has something to hide.