He claimed his business partner, Julie, had also been cheated on in the most disgusting of ways."Her long term live-in boyfriend secretly got married behind her back," he alleged in an interview with Mirror Online.

Fidelity Dating markets itself as the "anti-Ashley Madison", using the slogan: "Love is precious.

Stay faithful." to counter Ashley Madison's take - "Life is short. It can be a support group for people with a similar experience: Experts Psychiatrist Anjali Chhabria, says, "Break-ups can be devastating itself, so finding out that you are being cheated on in a relationship can be even more traumatising and can leave an individual scarred forever.

Have an affair." According to some reports while Ashley Madison has an estimated 37 million users, Fidelity Dating currently has just 5,000 members, although it is looking to expand. It not only makes a person feel hurt and betrayed but the individual can loose faith and confidence in themselves and others in all areas of life.

For these reasons fidelity dating seems like a great option.

It assures a person more security than other dating websites.

It helps one find a partner who's priority is fidelity and may help two individuals to overcome inhibitions and help them gain trust faster than other dating sites." But can anyone measure honestly and discriminate between individuals with a genuine interest to individuals who may lie about their relationship status?

The risk still remains about how genuine and honest one really is.

Recently, Ashley Madison a site for dating married people was in the news when hackers threatened to go public revealing the identity of users if the site was not shut down.

While a raging debate follows on whether the site is responsible for encouraging infidelity, there is another site that hopes to fix things by encouraging people not to stray.

Fidelity Dating v/s Ashley Madison Lovematch service called Fidelity Dating has stepped in to try and bring commitment back into the free-loving world of modern singledom.

Gary Spivek, a 45-year-old former financial advisor from New Jersey, was devastated after catching his girlfriend cheating on him with another man.