Funny form for actions on part of our four string hero. The man is getting ready to hit the studio this week too with the gang and there by start recording some tracks or demo ideas for the 2011 album release.It is going to be a really exciting year in the name of Crue for me in many ways.

It has come to an extreme harder situation living here and collecting the band now a days. COurse things for us are considered imports wen we buy from places like the states no matter if its off of e Bay or a company.

And then we get billed 71% in import tax fees on top of the actual itme price and then plus the shipping too. So I am curious to see if 2011 will be the year that I redraw myself from the collecting business or if I actually do have so much in me still that i get through it with maybe a slight cut back on the thing. It is not even a thing I will decide on it will come as a punch in the face to be honest a self sat settlement on the matter should it happen.

It has gotten over the top expensive to do what I d o now a days. We have today added things in some sections and posted some new items in various sections You can as always see where to go in the top rolling banner on the front page. Can not say yet how much there will be of that or nothing.

Only know that as off now there are several things in the mail on its way to me. Lots of new titles and Sixx audios coming in February.

MOTLEY CRUE star NIKKI SIXX has turned Santa for young cancer patients in North Carolina after stepping in to replace videogame systems stolen from a hospice.

Five consoles and equipment, used by kids undergoing life-saving cancer treatment, were taken from the Carolinas Medical Center on 4 December (10) and when the bassist-turned-radio presenter heard the news, he offered to help.Sixx reached out to Sony, Disney, Activision and Nintendo and asked bosses to donate replacements.A 45-year-old man has been arrested and charged with stealing the items.I do not have time for making the list til lthen sorry. Crue bills and stuff to be covered in shipping fees and import taxes are huge amounts and I would have been a rich fucker had we not have to pay such shit in this country, but that is mro than likely never ever gonna be the day.I have a few good somethings to get financially covered too January 1st and February 1st. I will more than likely return to you with a last 2010 diary and the usual new year wishes to everyone on the 30th or so...It will be an easy slip of the money those two dates. but untill then enjoy the little new we threw in today and have an ongoing great holiday season.