” you also can’t start a conversation with “I LOVE Punjabs!” But interracial dating is tough – or so it seems.

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But among the girls that I’ve had an romantic interest for, I’ve come to the conclusion that although interracial dating is tough, dating an Asian guy Could it be?

Could it be that Asian guys are the perfectly balanced boyfriend of your dreams? Older Asian women are the most vicious, cut throat people in the world.

Could it be that our culture mixed with ANY culture will result in ETERNAL happiness and good fortune? Not sure yet…) but I have a very strong feeling that we’re getting there. They will cut you off in heavy traffic, deny your refund (even if you have the receipt signed by the president), and if you don’t eat your vegetables they will punish you by making you drink tobasco sauce (yes, that you may throw at us – be it a slipper, the remote control, or tobasco sauce.

The modern Asian man is probably one of the most diverse, open minded, and well balanced feller you’ll ever meet. Here’s the guide: Many people have the belief that because some Black girls may be too aggressive, a relationship with an Asian man will only result in a squashed banana. To link back to the past, Asians and Blacks in America have both gone through poverty at some point in time.

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