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[Source and images: Luke Kallquist, email 24 June 2015] Kasuga was established in 1935 in Nagoya by Miki Bukichi.

Kasuga made guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins and ukeleles.

Kasuga started their own brand of guitars in the 1960's and in the 1970's made the Heerby and Ganson brands and partnered with Roland on a guitar synth. " In May of ’72, an advertisement appeared in The Music Trades.

In an ad stretching across the top of a two-page spread, drawn cartoon-fashion with a jet soaring from Japan to the United States, the headline read, “Kasuga Guitars Come To America.” Kasuga was a guitarmaker established in Nagoya, Japan, in the late ’60s.

Luke Kallquist - Traditional Guitar Maker and Luthier, Queensland, Australia Made since "2009, Indooroopilly, Brisbane The date is written in pencil on the underside of the soundboard.

On the neck heel is the Kallquist Guitars logo and model and serial number of that model eg, CE-001.

CE is the model code and 001 is the first of that model.

an extra 13 under that represents a 13 Fret neck join.

In ’67, Tommy Moore, the successful musical instrument merchandiser from Ft.