Education has become an expensive scenario and not all students are able to afford it without some form of support.Many students opt to go for federal or private student loans in order to support their educational pursuit.This puts them into huge debts right at the start of their first step towards a good career, even without the guarantee of a decent job on completion of their studies.

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Even before you avail any type of student loan and then plan to consolidate private student loan or your federal student loan, you should start looking out for other options to finance your education. Student debt consolidation loans essentially mean that you combine all your existing student loans into one single loan.

If you do proper research, you will know that there are lots of options available for you to finance your education apart from availing student loans and then consolidate private student loans and federal student loans to reduce the monthly EMI. For this purpose, you need to hand over all your existing student loans to one lender who will pay off all the individual loans and you must in turn repay the total amount to them.

The major advantages of consolidating student loans are: You can choose to consolidate private student loans as well as federal student loans.

However, you should not consolidate private student loans and federal student loans together.

The method to consolidate private student loans and federal student loans is almost similar: For both of these, you will have to submit an application for private student loan consolidation or federal student loan consolidation as the case may apply.… Since these loans are not sponsored by the government, their interest rates tend to the very high.

Therefore, it is advisable for you to go for an alternative student loan only after you have thoroughly verified all possible options of federal loans as well as student scholarships.Private loans are offered by various banks, student financing institutions etc.It is also a good option to consolidate private student loans in case you have many of them.These days, education has become quite expensive and not all aspiring students can afford it.Therefore, many students opt to go for a student loan.Although there are federal student loans available, at times, students do not qualify for a federal loan and also sometimes, federal student loans do not cover the complete cost of student education.