If you’re serious about finding a match online, keep in mind that chatting with more than six people at a time can get seriously confusing! But after a couple of nice emails, feel free to move forward.“Two emails between the two of you, and by the fifth, you should say you’d like to chat over the phone,” says Laurie Puhn, J.D., author of “You should aim for three body shots and two head shots; every single one of them has to be current,” suggests Wygant.

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That kind of number definitely increases your chances of meeting someone (and should encourage you that you’re not the only single person left on the planet). Kirschner says that 2007 is the year it all changed for people over 45.

“More of them found lasting love through online dating as compared to the traditional method—through their network of family, coworkers and friends,” says Dr. “So if you are in this age group, your chances are now better online.” Unless you own a private jet, emailing people 3000 miles away is just silly.

“You want to keep looking within a certain mile radius and should start close by,” says dating guru David Wygant (

“Don’t waste time with people when they say they want to meet somebody within 10 miles and you live 500 miles from their hometown…

it’s about being efficient, and the more people you find that you can actually meet in person, the better your chances of finding a match! You don’t have to be identical to your date, but knowing that there is some degree of compatibility in what you are seeking is a really good start.

” “You don’t want people to feel they can’t measure up to a long list of qualities… So before you email, check this little tool on the right-hand side of every profile you view and see how your compatibility odds add up.

you want to cast a wide net and gather many types of potential partners,” says Dr. Shooting for (at minimum) 15 of the 25 criteria in common is a good gauge. Remember, we live in the age of online searching, so if you give out too much info too fast, you may be giving away more about yourself than you realize.

nline dating can truly be as easy as one, two, three (i.e., create a profile, search for matches, send an email “hello”).

But there are some other numbers you might want to think about when seeking a true cyber-connection.